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Unveiling Accounts Receivable transformation in retail: the AWWG success with FS² AutoBank

Success Story

In the retail industry, high transaction volumes, returns, complex & large remittance advices, and refunds can make cash application process time-consuming and prone to errors. AWWG grappled with similar complexities that demanded laborious manual efforts. The meticulous identification of customers, invoices, and deductions consumed precious time and often led to errors, casting shadows on overall operational efficiency. 

The existing cash allocation process grappled with challenges in promptly and accurately disbursing funds, leading to delayed recognition of revenue. This ripple effect reverberated across cash flow and overall financial performance, underscoring the urgency for a more agile solution. 

After incorporating Serrala's FS2 AutoBank solution, AWWG saw a remarkable transformation, including:

  • Seamlessly managing over 15,000 payments annually became a tangible reality, distinguished by heightened accuracy. 
  • Streamlined processes through automated mail inbox connection to AutoBank introduced operational seamlessness. 
  • The automation rate surged beyond 90%, significantly reducing manual efforts and fueling operational prowess. 

AWWG's insights and achievements pave the path for your own journey towards excellence and efficiency.

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