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Serrala Alevate Accounts Payable


Optimized invoice capture, validation, processing and posting in the cloud.

Serrala Alevate Accounts Payable is a cloud-based solution that enables organizations to use the same intelligently automated invoice process across multiple ERP systems, locations, and business units – globally. Organizations can use the solution to:

  • Achieve a real-time view of incoming invoices across the entire organization
  • Automate invoice capture, processing, approvals, exception handling and posting
  • Centralize rules to ensure consistent processing across multiple locations and systems
  • Standardize processes across multiple systems of record
  • Scale the solution to handle an increasing volume of invoices

Download the brochure to learn how your organization can improve the speed, accuracy and transparency of invoice processing and supplier spend across your entire organization with Serrala Alevate Accounts Payable.


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