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Extend Your Accounts Receivable Management with Flexible Cloud Services

Receivables as a Service

Enhance your Accounts Receivable Management

Bring customer payment processing and reconciliation to the next level

Are you bogged down with manual tasks when reconciling remittance advices? Are you looking for ways to handle payment information from lockbox data and settlement files from payment service providers automatically?  

Our Receivables as a Service offers cloud service options to enhance your accounts receivable management and is the answer to these problems. With our cloud services, we automatically capture and process all remittance advice and other payment data automatically in the cloud and feed them directly into your SAP ERP systems for cash application. The cloud service offering complements our SAP-integrated cash application solution FS² AutoBank as well as our cloud-based SaaS Alevate for FS² and makes you even more flexible. 

Flexibly Extend your Cash Application Capabilities with Cloud Services 

With intelligent AR automation, you can eliminate unallocated cash and manual effort immediately and speed and scale your payment reconciliation. Combine the advantages of our SAP-embedded and cloud-based cash application services with Serrala Receivables as a Service for your accounts receivable management to benefit from:

  • Scalable services that easily grow with you 
  • Even less IT dependence as we take care of maintenance and updates 
  • Fast implementation times 
  • Out-of-the-box connectivity to banks, PSPs, and customer portals 
  • Full security thanks to ISO 27001 certification, encrypted data communication, and system resilience

Cloud Service Options for Enhancing Accounts Receivable Management 


Remittance advice Capturing with SmartEye Technology:  

  • Highly automated gathering, extraction, and transmitting of remittance data from any format (PDF, Excel, Word, TXT, EDI, JPG, TIF, CSV, etc.) 
  • Automatic classification and recognition of remittance advices and automated feedback loop for learning 
  • Automated data extraction and upload to FS² AutoBank and Serrala Alevate CashApp 
  • Remittance advices are linked to the payment and posted automatically including flexible deduction postings 
  • Simple and easy exception handling 
  • SmartEye hosted by Serrala on Microsoft Azure 
  • Frequent updates ensure optimal results at all times  
  • Accelerated remittance advice handling  
  • Enhanced cash application performance 
  • No on-premise server needed 
  • Fast implementation: Plug & Play (SAP Cloud Connector) 
  • Always on the current version (ongoing optimizations) 
  • Scalable to changing customer requirements

PSP Reconciliation as a Service  

  • Out-of-the-box connectivity to Payment Service Providers 
  • Automatic retrieval and conversion of settlement and EPA files  
  • Format conversion & optimization into one standardized structured XML meta format: CAMT.54 
  • Reconciliation of transactions and allocation charges / fees to GL accounts 
  • Structured information made available for matching in FS² AutoBank or Alevate CashApp 
  • Automation of manual PSP reconciliation processes 
  • Faster cash application  
  • Reduction of errors  
  • More visibility into the KPIs for internal use, billing, and troubleshooting 
  • Improved customer experience through extended offering of payment methods 
  • Agility: Add new PSPs easily 
  • No on-premise mappings needed 

Portal Connectivity as a Service: 

  • Out of the box connectivity to banks and customer portals Automatic retrieval of bank statements and remittance advices 
  • Flexible setup via RPA  
  • Managed by Serrala 
  • End-to-end process automation 
  • Reduce manual effort for downloading files from portals 
  • Changes managed by Serrala 

Lockbox Enrichment: 

  • Automatic retrieval and capturing of check images 
  • Provides an enriched lockbox file for matching 
  • Connects to portals and e-mail inboxes to automatically extract remittance information 
  • Reduce lockbox key-in fees 
  • Achieve high straight-through-processing rates 

Receivables as a Service, our accounts receivable management cloud services with outcome-based service agreements, provides you full transparency saving you time and money. Request a demo now! 

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Benefits for Your Accounts Receivable Management 

Improved Efficiency

Improved Efficiency

Eliminate time required to setup and maintain payment formats or archive objects. Align processes to global best practices.
Lower Risk

Lower Risk

Cloud services provide highest security levels protecting you against hackers and ensuring resilience, data security and privacy.
Improved Customer Experience

Improve Customer Experience

Offer your customers multiple payment options, making it easier for them to conduct business with you.
Apply Cash Faster

Apply Cash Faster

Consolidating settlement files from all payment service providers into one processable format for faster payment matching and more working capital.
Low Operational Cost

Lower Operational Cost

No infrastructure needed. You will benefit from a subscription model.
Eliminate Errors

Eliminate Errors

Speed up the cycling time and eliminate manual errors by automating the complex and highly manual process of retrieving, converting, and reconciling PSP settlement files.

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