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Calculating AP Automation Savings - A Step-by-Step Guide


Discover the Time and Cost Savings You Can Achieve with Digital Transformation in Accounts Payable 

Accounts Payables tops the list as the most time-consuming, laborious, and paper-intensive finance process in finance. But will an AP Automation solution really help you achieve time and cost savings in your organization? 

Investing in digital transformation can help organizations address their current process challenges and meet important strategic goals, including: 

  • High Processing Costs 
  • Increasing Invoice Volumes  
  • Lengthy Processing Times 
  • Data Accuracy 
  • Achieving End-to-End Visibility  
  • Global Compliance 
  • Controlling Cash Flows 

The Crunching the Numbers: A Step-by-Step Guide to Calculating AP Automation Savings Ebook takes the mystery out of how to estimate your potential savings. It presents the latest industry and Serrala research on AP process performance and illustrates, step-by-step, how you can apply those industry metrics to your business to determine the possible value of automation for your business.  

Download the Ebook to Discover what drives up the cost of AP processes and how your organization compares to other organizations. Explore ways to achieve time savings at each step of the AP process. These savings that you can achieve will directly impact your bottom line and improve the overall productivity and satisfaction of your AP process stakeholders: accounts payable analysts, buyers and vendors.  

Every company’s potential savings will differ slightly depending on factors such as industry, business model, technical landscape and more. Therefore, this ebook presents a range of savings that are possible based on your organization’s unique profile and goals. We encourage you to use the ebook in conjunction with the Serrala AP Automation Savings Calculator to build out an AP return on investment (ROI) analysis that can be used as a catalyst to drive your next accounts payable digital transformation initiative.