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Patterson Energy Decommissions its Legacy SAP System in 5 Simple Steps

When Patterson-UTI Energy acquired Seventy Seven Energy, it decided to decommission its legacy SAP system. Keeping the older system running indefinitely would be inefficient and risky, but the company still needed the data in that system to support its reporting and audit needs.

Watch this on-demand webinar to discover how it was able to decommission its SAP system so it could keep its historical data but lose the cost and risk of the legacy system.

The company engaged Serrala and followed five simple steps to decommission its legacy SAP system:

1.         Quickly archived and extracted historical data
2.         Converted the data into a universal format
3.         Migrated the archived information to a cost-efficient and compliant cloud repository
4.         Provided users with seamless access to the legacy information
5.         Retired the physical system.  

Frank Wilson, Business Solutions Manager with Patterson-UTI Energy will explain how the decommissioning project enabled the company to lower its IT costs and reduce risk while also supporting its reporting and audit requirements. Serrala experts will explain the 5 essential steps to decommission an SAP system and reveal why decommissioning should be a part of any business or IT landscape transformation.