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Serrala celebrates first anniversary, increasing global footprint to 18 offices

In the first year after rebranding, the B2B fintech has achieved substantial sales and employee growth while further expanding its global footprint.

HAMBURG – August 6, 2019 – Serrala, a global provider of software solutions for inbound and outbound payments and automated finance processes, celebrates its first anniversary following last year’s rebrand. Within the past 12 months, the company has achieved significant growth rates, winning new customers globally and increasing the workforce by more than 100 employees. Additionally, Serrala has introduced several new solutions to the market, especially in the field of cloud applications. To further broaden its global footprint, the fintech company has opened new offices in Dubai and India, now operating 18 locations in total.

“In the last year, growing from seven single brands into one global company, Serrala has proven that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Having started as a developer of accounting software in the 1980s, we are proud to be the only provider of software solutions covering the whole financial value chain today,” said Sven Lindemann, CEO of Serrala, the second generation of his family leading the company. “The ongoing strategic expansion of our international presence is an important step to help us stay ahead of the curve, and to create the know-how needed to master future challenges. The momentum that Serrala built over the past year enables us to enhance our solutions by focusing on user experience and constantly integrating new innovations in the field of intelligent robotic automation.”

Significant achievements within the last 12 months include

  • Enterprises can now automate their financial processes in the cloud, using the solution suite Alevate. Further to the standalone application in the cloud, Alevate can be combined with the SAP-integrated on-premise solutions offering from Serrala to form a hybrid model, enabling end-to-end processes.
  • Clients can manage even more complex processes using their SAP systems by flexibly including new Serrala features such as SmartEye. The easy to implement cloud solution automates the capture of information such as invoices and remittance advices and helps accelerate the cash application as well as invoice processing procedure.
  • Deutsche Bank, together with Serrala, launched the first API interface for SEPA instant payments in the market, facilitating real-time treasury and allowing users to process payments within less than 10 seconds, on a 24/7/365 basis. 
  • Banks can now play an active role in the digital transformation of their corporate customers building on BCrest, a solution suite launched by Serrala in October 2018. Banks can offer the innovative solutions to their business clients to help them automate their financial processes. 
  • With the opening of a new office in Dubai, UAE, in October 2018, Serrala is moving closer to its global customers’ needs, assuring services and point of contacts in the Middle East. Furthermore, the opening of a Center of Excellence in Pune, India in June 2019 enables Serrala to improve service to clients by strengthening its portfolio of solutions and services.


About Serrala
Serrala is a pioneer in financial automation with a global track record of nearly 40 years, currently serving over 2,500 customers around the globe.

Through our precision-engineered, award-winning suite of finance automation applications that use advanced and emerging technologies to automate all working capital related processes from Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Cash and Treasury, we free the office of the CFO from the tech, mindset, and process shackles of the past.

We empower leaders to create a quality-driven autonomous finance machine that enables finance departments to deliver unmatched operational excellence where working capital is continually optimized, insights are available for real-time situation visibility, and risk can be better understood and managed, positioning your finance organization for success.


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