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SAPinsider Cash Management Benchmark Report

Cash is the lifeblood of any organization

Cash management is a critical function for any organization. In order to make sound business decisions, organizations need to be aware of their current cash position and future cash needs. Accurate forecasting is essential to effective cash management. Organizations need to be able to anticipate changes in their cash position and take steps to ensure that they have sufficient funds on hand to meet their obligations. A variety of factors can impact an organization's cash needs, including changes in revenue, expenses, and investment activity.

Key Takeaways

  • The current financial climate is unpredictable, which makes it crucial for SAPinsiders to understand their organization's cash position clearly. That's why, there is a demand from executives for more accurate, timely, and harmonized cash reporting, which is the top driver impacting their organizational approach to cash management.
  • 68% of SAPinsiders view timely global cash visibility and analytics for proactive decision-making as an important or very important requirement for their organization's cash management processes. During uncertain periods, less prepared companies can struggle to achieve cash visibility. With multiple factors driving uncertainty, having a good handle on cash flow is essential for making sound decisions.
  • Cash forecasting and procure-to-pay represent the core pain points impacting the cash management process for SAPinsiders. A lack of accurate forecasts and outdated data can often lead to poor business decisions, resulting in increased financial risk.

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