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B2B Vendor Portal

Product Sheet

Cloud Portal for Incoming Supplier Invoices 

The cloud-based B2B Vendor Portal provides your suppliers with a much faster and more accurate way to submit invoices for payment. With the portal in place, your suppliers can upload invoices to the portal or enter invoice information directly online. It provides a centralized invoice hub that benefits suppliers by providing instant access to PO, invoice and payment information in one place. Suppliers can check the invoice status online at any time, saving them time and effort and reducing the need for time-consuming phone calls or e-mails. Any communication between the buyers and suppliers can also be managed through an intuitive chat like interface, ensuring faster dispute resolution.

When used in combination with the SAP-integrated FS2 AccountsPayable or Alevate Accounts Payable solutions from Serrala, it enables you to automate the end-to-end invoice capture to payment process through an accounts payable (AP) automation solution.

Features and Benefits
• Search, retrieve and flip purchase orders
• Create and send invoices, either through Excel, EDI, PDF, or XML uploads, or by typing the data on a form
• View the status of submitted supplier invoices
• Update supplier information
• Easily communicate using the portal messaging function