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Steering Liquidity

A Top Priority to Improve Cash Flow Visibility for Decisioning and Strategic Planning

3 Essentials for Building an Effective Liquidity Strategy

Are you sure you really know your company’s cash and liquidity position, right now, and what it will be in a few months’ time…? Having daily visibility into the current cash and liquidity position as well as future cash needs is crucial for decision-making and strategy planning. Yet, for 48% of organization this is rather a wish than reality according to a recent survey. What is keeping businesses from gaining a better overview? Let’s explore the key challenges and solutions.

Key Challenges

Scattered Systems

Scattered Systems

Data gathering from multiple systems and bank portals requires multiple logins and handling dozens of tokens is time-consuming

Data Relevance

Untimely information from different sources such as regional offices hinder accurate cash positioning

manual processes

Manual Processes

Paper-based, manual processes for account statements, cash reconciliation, postings, and treasury reporting cause errors and delays
No Centralized Treasury

No Centralized Treasury

Disjointed treasury management and accounting processes make it difficult to achieve central visibility and control

Overcome the Challenges With 3 Steps


How Serrala Can Help

  • Achieve full visibility and control over your company-wide cash and liquidity  
  • Centralize and optimize payments including easy bank communication with banks in 150+ countries  
  • Deploy end-to-end solutions that connect accounting and treasury to enhance efficiency and deliver deeper insights into cash  
  • Automate processes with AI and machine learning-enabled mechanisms
  • Flexibly deploy solutions on premise, in the cloud, as a service or a hybrid model – they fit perfectly into your existing technical architecture today and in the future 
  • Navigate with confidence through your data with a modern user experience and central dashboarding 

The challenges in cash management and forecasting have not changed over the years, but what has changed recently is the mindset. Organizations can only move forward with the right visibility and control over cash. Treasury has become more about steering liquidity in the best possible way and supporting the financial strategy of the organization. The office of the CFO is asking for more guidance and treasury is really pushing overcome the hurdles to deliver that. Serrala is there to help organization make that push.

Nancy Zhang, Director Solution Success Payments

Nancy Zhang

Director Solution Success, Serrala


Cash Visibility

Up to 99%

Automated Assignment of Actuals

Over 100

Standard Treasury Reports

1 Central

Payment Hub


Countries with Bank Connectivity


Manual Intervention Reduction

Do You Have a Real-Time View on Your Cash and Can You Plan Ahead?

Cash Visibility Hub

Increased Transparency, Visibility and Control

Knowing how much cash you have is key to overcoming any business hurdle and for sound planning. We saw some of our customers were missing transparency in their cash activity.  With the Serrala Cash Visibility Hub, we focus on helping our customers to be nimble and flexible while providing robust and precise planning features. We collaborate with them to achieve three key success factors: 

  • Transparency: Dashboards, real-time cash status and forecasting is the basis for your decisions
  • Visibility: Integration of bank statements and payments into one central location enables you to generate a holistic, company-wide view
  • Control: Automated, standardized processes increase security and decrease fraud risk

Reliable and Comprehensive Liquidity Information

Customers, who are using the Serrala Cash Visibility Hub, have a real-time handle on all bank transactions and the execution of payments. They know all payment transactions are handled properly – with FS² CashLiquidity alongside, your existing finance solutions will be elevated to help you:

  • Have a financial balance overview and forecast using accounting data (AR/AP, payment runs and more)
  • Fully integrate your financial data into SAP – combining accounting with your treasury
  • Easily integrate data from outside SAP
  • Access your data from anywhere and with any device – the office, working from home, laptop or mobile 
Overcome liquidity challenges

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