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Serrala's AutoBank drives 96% automation and fuels growth for Unite

Success Story

In a world where automation is redefining efficiency, despite some automation efforts, Unite services faced heavy manual workloads that hindered growth and decision-making. Their outdated systems led to reliance on Excel for reports, slowing their response to market changes and financial optimization. 

Furthermore, the complexity of remittance advice processing using third-party tools introduced an additional layer of inefficiency. It created bottlenecks in the reconciliation process, leading to delays and errors that impacted their relationships with customers and suppliers. 

Serrala's FS2 AutoBank, offered a solution that seamlessly integrated with Unite's existing SAP environment. AutoBank bridged the gaps in their processes and supercharged their financial operations.  

“AutoBank is an important factor for scaling and growth” says Thomas Ziesche, Accounting Manager, Unite. 

Here are some of the results achieved after implementing AutoBank: 

  • Average automation rate of 96%:  

  • Robust and real-time reporting 

  • Agile day-to-day flexibility with minimal IT support 

  • Accelarated digital transformation 

The story of Unite's transformation with Serrala AutoBank is an inspiration for businesses seeking to break free from the shackles of manual processes and leverage strategic innovation. Read the case study below to learn more.

View the success story here