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Boosting efficiency - Cash Application within SAP powered by Machine Learning

Cash application, just like finance in general, is currently being disrupted by digital technologies like machine learning.

This technology offers unprecedented potential for boosting efficiency by automating the repetitive and rule-based activities that dominate accounts receivable.

Do you want to know how you can benefit from cash application powered by machine learning? In our webinar in cooperation with UKISUG we demonstrate how organizations can optimize their inbound payments by:

  • Continuously enhancing allocation efficiency thanks to intelligent, self-learning software, achieving automatic matching rates of up to 98 % and minimizing manual efforts by 75 %.
  • Harmonizing cash-in processing with a solution that accepts all file formats from any country, region, market, and line of business or industry. It also ingests complex day-to-day bank statements that include bank fees, charges and deductions for taxes.
  • Applying cash directly in your current SAP environment, so you can benefit from direct access to live data and a familiar user interface.