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Recording: Serrala Alevate CashApp

Agile, Flexible, and Scalable Cash Application in the Cloud

How are you applying cash today – and do you see room for improvement? Accounts receivables management is a great source for process optimization, as many tasks are still manual and repetitive. Do you want to make your cash application processes fast, flexible, and scalable – in one word: agile?

Discover our latest cloud solution for a new and intelligent cash application experience: Serrala Alevate CashApp. Watch our webinar and find out more.

Serrala Alevate CashApp will simplify your day-to-day task in AR, as it empowers you to:

  • Accelerate cash application with matching rates of up to 99 %
  • Reduce manual and repetitive activities by up to 80 %
  • Automatically process bank statements, remittance advices, settlement and lockbox files
  • Run your operations with a best-in-class cloud technology with a responsive user interface that works with any ERP