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40% Cash Application Boost: Unveiling Hampshire County Council's Journey!

Discover the Success of Automated Cash Application: Hants' Journey to 91.5% Automation Since 2021

Hampshire County Council (Hants)' success story in automating cash application processes has been an inspiring journey. Utilizing the software since 2021, the team has been able to increase their automation rate from 65% to an impressive 91.5% in just 24 months.

Hants is an English council that governs eleven of the thirteen districts geographically located within the ceremonial county of Hampshire. As one of twenty-four county councils in England, it acts as the upper tier of local government to approximately 1.4 million people. 

Their approach involves collaborating with key users, understanding workflows, and creating intuitive rules for the software. This has been possible due to an intelligent cash application solution that lets users create their own posting rules in real time – Bringing down the requirement for tickets and IT involvement.

In this Webinar Recording, together with Tracy Bacon, Finance Process & Solutions Manager at Hants and Garoid Pierse, Senior Solutions Architect at Serrala, learn how Hants' perseverance and dedication to automation have led to a 40% increase in efficiency within 24 months and much more :

  • Maintaining rules and workflows in a cash application software for SAP, including S/4HANA.
  • Increasing automation in cash application software for SAP, including S/4HANA.