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Automating and streamlining "Pay Later" for commerce, bill pay and collections

More and more consumers are being forced to make partial or late payments. Whether to pay their escalating cost of living, buy goods or services now and pay them off later (BNPL), or gradually pay off debt.

Consumers are challenged with more and more micro- and macroeconomic issues, including the gig economy, Covid-19, rising prices, and whatever comes next. To maintain a positive customer relationship, businesses and service providers are often recommended to let customers choose when and how they pay.

However, how do you integrate such "Pay Later" alternatives into your current system infrastructure? A holistic approach and intelligent software can help.

Global fintech Serrala and Lowell, one of the biggest credit management firms in Europe, discuss the most recent developments and industry trends in a webinar organised and hosted by Credit Strategy.

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credit strategy

Key takeaways

  • How to shape automated and intelligent processes to easily collect accurate and timely payments from people with payment obligations.
  • Discover how to make “Pay Later” reality.  
  • Explore also how UK businesses can leverage Open Banking to enable fixed-fee and irrevocable Faster Payments that assure perfect cash application.