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Customer Remittance Advice Automation

23.02.2024   |  English

Customer Remittance Advice processing using Serrala's "Smarteye" and FS2 Autobank

This webinar will provide an update on the latest functionalities that have been developed recently by Serrala concerning remittance advice processing the Cash Application process.  Whether you are an existing Serrala FS2 Autobank customer or just looking for new ways to improve your automation rates using remittance advices received from customers, this webinar is for you!  
Serrala's "Smarteye" data capture and extraction tool, combined with our in-SAP Cash Application solution "FS2 Autobank" is a powerful combination that allows our customers to automatically capture and process remittance advices. In addition to informing participants about specific new features developed by Serrala over the last 12 months, we will also discuss best practices to ensure the highest possible level of automation in your Cash Application process.