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Excellence in AR Automation


Q&A for more Risk Control, Growth, and Working Capital

Did you know that on average, one-third of an organization’s working capital is tied up in their accounts receivables? By automating AR processes, you can leverage internal funding sources, identify and access hidden cash, and improve your DSO. Furthermore, as a core process in finance, accounts receivable needs to be ready for the digital future and the time to invest in technology transformation is now – whether you are thinking about migrating to S/4HANA, moving to the cloud, or implementing new technologies, such as AI and ML.

But business transformation always brings up new questions. Does AR Automation lead to more operational efficiency? How can I improve my working capital? And how can technology support my digital transformation agenda and support growth goal?

Find answers to these questions and more in our whitepaper “Excellence in AR Automation”. In an easily-to-digest Q&A format, the piece provides you with insight on how technology can help you to control risk, facilitate growth, and improve working capital.