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E-Invoicing Excellence: Navigating Strategic Challenges with Sovos & Serrala


Navigating Tax Digitization for Business Success  

Tax digitization and the rise of e-Invoicing are ushering in a new era of finance, with profound implications for businesses of all sizes. As we transition from manual, paper-based systems to fully automated, digital ones, companies face numerous challenges but also stand to benefit greatly from this change. Together with our Partner Sovos we are hosting a series of webinars on the Topic of e-Invoicing. Learn more about how you can navigate the strategic challenges in Tax and Automation these days with Sovos and Serrala. Tax digitization is forcing businesses to automate and optimize their supply chain processes.

Tax authorities now have access to business data straight from your source systems and it is crucial that businesses have a global, cross-functional strategy in place. 

Listen to our joint webinar and learn more about the latest e-invoicing mandates, how e-invoicing has evolved into an enterprise-wide strategic challenge, and how together Sovos and Serrala solution suites complement each other to ensure your business process and systems remain efficient and crucially, compliant.

The Agenda covers:

  • The latest e-invoicing mandate updates - a review of France, Poland, Spain and Germany
  • Examples of how tax digitization impacts your wider business processes and IT landscape and how you can defend against non-compliance
  • An overview of the Sovos and Serrala platforms and how they support enterprise-wide e-invoicing projects

Christiaan van der Valk

VP, Strategy and Regulatory, Sovos

As Vice President of Strategy at Sovos, Christiaan Van Der Valk leads research on market trends and tax legislation. His insight and expertise are essential in determining business strategy and when to buy, build or partner to create solutions that respond to emerging trends. Christiaan's philosophy is that companies should embrace the role of pioneer, rather than shy away from it.

Garoid Pierse

Senior Solutions Architect, Serrala

Garoid’s expertise is in Automation of corporate outbound and inbound payments: to & from banks, consumers and other corporates. Automation of supplier invoice processing and bank statement processing in SAP, as well as cloud / Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. Garoid has a profound knowledge in cash application automation, in collection and dispute Management processes, and automation of customer credit. He is part of the SAP Treasury Consulting group within Serrala.

"We are in a period of transition which can be challenging, the digital evolution in finance, spearheaded by tax digitization and e-Invoicing, is a change worth embracing. It is an investment in the future efficiency, accuracy, and strategic decision-making capability of businesses."

Garoid Pierse
Senior Solutions Architect, Serrala