Playing Smarter, Not Harder – a New Game Plan for O2C Success

Virtual panel discussion, September 9 at 11 am CEST – hosted by VVCM with experts from Eneco and Vattenfall

The global effects of the pandemic and the economic crisis it has triggered are forcing businesses to reset and rethink their game plans. As the year progresses, companies are moving out of reaction mode and adjusting to a business environment where the rules have changed significantly.

To ensure liquidity and stabilize cash flows, team members from all across the order-to-cash cycle need play their part. In times like these you need to:

  • Plan for change strategically
  • Pursue a targeted collections management approach
  • Defend your organization with powerful credit control processes
  • Digitize your business for greater agility and to support remote work

In a virtual panel discussion hosted by Cees Jansen, Chairman of the Dutch Credit Management Association VVCM (Vereniging voor Credit Management) on Sep 9 at 11 am, experts from Eneco (Miki Peric), Vattenfall (Martin Neef) and Serrala (Bart Parren) will discuss the role of credit and collections managements in ensuring liquidity and how changes towards digital and remote working in finance is being amplified by the current crisis.

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