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How reconciling PSP settlement files in SAP can be easier than you think

Nowadays, customers expect multiple payment alternatives from the businesses from which they buy products or services, allowing them to select the payment method that best suits their needs. Payment Service Providers (PSP) contribute to an enhanced buyer experience; at the same time, however, more payment options increase the complexity of the payment reconciliation process in SAP. In addition to bank statements, remittance advices, and check information, companies must now be able to handle additional formats like PSP settlement files.

How can accounts receivable (AR) teams handle the reconciliation of these formats efficiently without adding more workload to their already strained capacities? How can they focus on the core business without spending too much time on reconciling payments data, allocating cash, and correcting errors?

Some innovative and flexible PSP reconciliation services alleviate these pains and bridge the gap between retrieving PSP settlements and cash allocation in SAP. The solution enables your company to avoid manual processes in the reconciliation of PSP settlement files and process them straight through, making both your AR teams and customers happy.

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