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7 Ways CFOs Benefit from Operating Order-to-Cash Like a Factory


There is a lot riding on an organization’s order-to-cash cycle, the series of steps from credit management and sales order processing to cash application, deduction handling and collections. Businesses require cash for the purchase of goods or raw materials, the manufacturing and distribution of finished products, sales and marketing activities, and business administration.

CFOs depend on visibility into the order-to-cash process to develop strategies for increasing competitiveness and profitable growth, implementing agile operating models, addressing customer and market demands, and freeing funds for reinvestment through improved operational efficiency. 

But that’s easier said than done for most CFOs.

Discover ways how an integrated and automated model for the entire order-to-cash cycle can deliver the results and insights needed. 

Download the free whitepaper produced by the Institute of Financial Management and sponsored by Serrala for further details on the O2C Factory approach.